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Love is selfless. Or is it not?

There is one question that has always haunted me. Would I like to die before my partner or after? Has this question ever occurred to you? Not that it’s a choice, but somehow it is a tough question to answer if a choice was given. Continue reading “Love is selfless. Or is it not?”

All isn’t Globe: Reflecting on MBA’s First Year

Before I start, “Globe” here meant “Lots of speech and no content whatsoever”. Using Globe in this context is extremely common and popular in Indian B-Schools. If selfie can make into the dictionary, I’m sure a day might come when this interpretation of Globe gets featured. Continue reading “All isn’t Globe: Reflecting on MBA’s First Year”

Because we are together even in being alone

It is immensely moving to know about the stories of other people. It lays open your heart with all the raw emotions brimming to the top. So much of struggle, happiness and sadness surrounds us on a daily basis and we go about our routines totally unaware of them, lost in our own troubles and happiness. Continue reading “Because we are together even in being alone”

Pain Points of IIN Campaign

A lot has been written by people who are venting out their resentment for the Idea Intenet Network (IIN) Ad Campaign. My feed on Quora and Facebook are filled with ridicules and trolls on the said “Lame”, “Stupid” and “Annoying” campaign. I was sure that this degree of scorns will force the company to withdraw or at least reduce the circulation of these ads. But to my surprise, IIN Ads still fill up my commercial breaks while watching any Indian Channel! Continue reading “Pain Points of IIN Campaign”

Roposo: A new way to discover fashion


The advent of fashion blog culture ushered in a new era, the era of inclusiveness. Gone are the days when fashion was ‘elite’. Ever since 2002, with the democratization of the fashion industry, fashion has become a regular norm for shoppers worldwide and street style has taken this transition only a step further. Continue reading “Roposo: A new way to discover fashion”

To those who think death penalty as a solution to Rape

It seems that the crusade of Indian women to earn respect and equality is about to take a turn finally. The 23 year old medical student, the girl who battled for her life for 13 days now rests in peace. We, Indian women, salute her fighting spirit and courage and in some strange way, we all are grateful to her. She has united us women and has brought about courage to protest and earn our right to safety. When her soul will look down from heaven, she’ll know that her death and courage hasn’t gone in vain. Continue reading “To those who think death penalty as a solution to Rape”

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